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Nominating Committees

“The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of your PTA.”


Refer to the Nominating Committees folder in the Locker on this page for the following Nominating Committee resources: Instructions, Do's and Don'ts and Checklist.


Things to Know:

  1. The nominating committee should be elected at an Association meeting at least 2 months prior to your annual election meeting.
  2. Bylaws specify how many members and how many alternates are elected and who is eligible to serve.  See Article V, Officers and Their Election.
  3. No member can serve for two consecutive years.
  4. It is not the responsibility of the nominating committee to appoint committee chairs.  When a prospective candidate expresses interest in a committee position, advise them their name will be given to the president-elect for consideration.   Please check with your parliamentarian for clarification.
  5. When formed, the nominating committee elects its own chairperson.
  6. The parliamentarian does not automatically serve on the nominating committee. He/she must be elected to serve on the committee.
  7. The principal may serve on the committee, if elected.  If not elected to the committee, the principal may serve in an advisory capacity.
  8. Members of the nominating committee must be members of the PTA.
  9.  Deliberations of this committee are kept confidential.
  10.  The president never serves on the nominating committee.
  11.  The nominating committee continues to serve until the annual election meeting.

For detailed instructions, a checklist, and a list of Dos and Don'ts for Nominating Committees, please refer to the corresponding folder in the Locker on this page.