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Our Mailing Lists

A number of years ago when the school district transitioned to School Messenger for email communications, the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs transitioned to its own email tool. We have one master district-wide list and sub-lists for each school PTA, as well as for special interest lists such as Special Needs, Legislative Advocacy, Parent Education & Community Concerns, and Health & Wellness..

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Newsletter Archive

Communications Team

VP Communications - Heidi Ellicott-Pesic

Newsletter Editor - Heidi Ellicott-Pesic

Website Editor - Iris Tessler

Social Media - Iris Tessler

Constant Contact Manager & PTA Board Advisor - Rachel Hurd


Our goal is to communicate information about our programs and other programs of interest to the community, PTA units, parents and teachers using a variety of communication tools. Our objectives include:

  • Maintaining the council website to make it a useful resource for PTA leaders.
  • Providing council board members with training and support for maintaining their committees’ content on the council website.
  • Continuing to expand the use of social media sites as an additional means of communication.
  • Establishing protocol for posting and updating networking sites.
  • Providing training for the council board on effective use of social media.