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Want to Become a PTA Member?

When you join PTA at your school, you also become a member of PTA at the council, district, state, and national levels.  

All PTA programs and advocacy work, at every level of PTA, is supported with your membership.  We encourage all parents, educators, and community members to support PTA by becoming a member. 

Membership does not require volunteering, or attendance at meetings; membership alone supports our good work for all children. If you are no longer associated with a particular school and would like to join PTA, please see the "Our PTA & PTSA Units" page and contact one of the units about membership. 




Believe in Our Children, Believe in PTA

Believe in Our Children, Believe in PTA



Have you ever spoken to a teacher or principal about a problem you wanted to help solve or issue you wanted to help address? That is advocacy.


PTA helps you gain the skills and get the resources you need to advocate to improve the lives of children in your school and in your community. Whether you’re a new parent or experienced leader, PTA can help you make a difference in the lives of children.


Every PTA member can avail of these exclusive benefits:

Here are some special Member Offers from National PTA and perks from California State PTA.

Boxed gives 15% off + free shipping on first order.

A ...more

Per Capita Dues

Each Unit shall forward to the council, per capita dues of $5.65 annually.

  • National PTA                          $2.25

  • California State PTA               $2.00

32nd District PTA                    $ .40

  • San Ramon Valley Council     $1.00   

  • Total                                       $5.65

*California State PTA dues increased to $2.00 on July 1st 2015

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