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News Item: For PTA Leaders

Laughter is the Best Medicine


The extra gift in having had two glorious weeks of relaxation and rejuvenation is the awareness that regular self care is what will keep us feeling this refreshed throughout the year.  Eating more healthily, becoming more active, finding time to do something for oneself are all common new year list toppers.  One health booster that we all enjoy, that won't require anything extraordinary in our lifestyle is laughter!  Who are you around when you find yourself laughing? What are you doing? Where are you?  Seek out laughter...it's good for you!


I hope you enjoy this article on the benefits of laughter (link below).


The next time you are able to make the choice to see some comedy, watch a funny show, spend time with a good-humored friend, or laugh at your own folly, DO!

Posted by: Marilyn Lucey Published:1/17/17
Audience: For PTA Leaders and For PTA Leaders