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2016-17 Goals & Objectives

Goal 1:

Support and empower PTA unit presidents and other board members at our 35 unit PTAs through communication, training, coaching and collaboration.

  • Objective 1. VP Leadership will develop appropriate training tools for unit board members and promote their use. This year’s emphasis shall be on creating appropriately sized mini trainings as needed.

  • Objective 2. Continue utilizing current technology and other means to provide opportunities for informal collaboration among unit leaders.

  • Objective 3. Continue increased council unit counterpart direct communications.

  • Objective 4. Continue unit leader mentoring program and training, and create a master Frequently Asked Questions Google doc.

Goal 2:

Promote and increase PTA membership.

  • Objective 1. Engage units in promoting Local, California State PTA, and National membership campaigns.

  • Objective 2. Support the units in the timely, proper and ongoing reporting of members through channels.

  • Objective 3. Promote membership with families in our district onsite preschool programs, and encourage and support units with preschool outreach.

  • Objective 4. Extend membership opportunities to community leaders and members.

  • Objective 5. Promote membership with all students, including students at our alternative high schools.

Goal 3:

Communicate information about our programs and other programs of interest to the community, PTA units, parents and teachers using a variety of communication tools.

  • Objective 1. Maintain the council website to make it a useful resource.

  • Objective 2. Provide council board members with training and support for maintaining their committees’ content on the council website.

  • Objective 3. Continue to provide training for effective use of social media.

Goal 4:

Continue building a community outreach program, through collaboration, to address inclusion and diversity within the San Ramon Valley. Promote empathy and the acceptance of similarities and differences within our school communities, making schools and PTAs welcoming to all.

  • Objective 1. Continue to share, evaluate and implement best practices in the areas of inclusion and diversity throughout our council.

  • Objective 2. Continue promoting the use of welcoming activities to encourage family engagement and PTA membership.

  • Objective 3. Continue to collaborate with and support on campus student organizations to promote empathy among students.

Goal 5:

Promote Council programs, in collaboration with community partners, to support SRVUSD wellness initiatives.

  • Objective 1: Engage the San Ramon Valley Unified School District parent community about our school wellness policy.
  • Objective 2: Inform parent​ community and PTA leaders about research-based mental, physical, emotional, and environmental health and wellness programs and resources in the San Ramon Valley
  • Objective 3: Support district initiatives regarding school connectedness and safety in schools through PTA programming, including parent engagement.

Goal 6:

Provide programs: Parent & Community Engagement, Special Needs, Legislative Advocacy, Sister School, National PTA Reflections, Scholarships & Awards, Health & Wellness, Street Smarts, Registration and Hospitality.

  • Objective 1. Proactively engage unit representatives to promote increased participation on council committees and at their units.

  • Objective 2. Identify and develop future leaders through involvement on council committees.

  • Objective 3. Continue to encourage collaboration among council committees.

Goal 7:

Continue to support Common Core Standards; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM); Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) in the district.