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Audience: Legislative Advocacy and Legislative Advocacy

Are you ready for the California State PTA‚Äč March 14th Call Out to End Gun Violence? Here’s a quick list of our Federal Legislators’ Phone Numbers, Email Links, and a CA State PTA Script:


Senator Dianne Feinstein


Senator Kamala Harris



Congressman Mark DeSaulnier



Congressman Eric Swalwell



"Hello, my name is [insert your name]. I am a PTA member and constituent from [insert your city]. I am "calling you out" today to demand stronger gun-violence prevention federal legislation including:

• Prohibiting the sale and possession of assault weapons including automatic and semi-automatic weapons
• Mandatory background checks
• Waiting periods for all firearm purchases

The time for change is now. We need to put politics aside and turn emotion into action. Thank you for your attention in this critical matter."

Posted by: Iris Tessler
Published: 3/14/18

Audience: Parent & Community Concerns, Legislative Advocacy, Special Needs, Parent & Community Concerns, Special Needs, Homepage, Homepage and Legislative Advocacy

Join parents, educators, elected officials, and community members on Friday, April 20th, 9am-2pm for the 38th annual PTA Advocacy Day for EducationThis event is hosted by the San Ramon Valley, Las Trampas Creek and and Pleasanton PTA Councils.  We will explore topics related to public school funding in California.


Engage in an enlightening discussion and learn how you can make an informed difference!


For more information and registration, visit the Event page.



Posted by: Rachel Hurd, District Admin, San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs
Published: 3/13/18

Audience: Legislative Advocacy and Legislative Advocacy

Before you attend your school LCAP meeting, consider using this Ed100 LCAP Checklist and also reading the following Ed100 lessons broken down by the 8 LCAP Priorities:


Priority 1 - Basic Services

Providing all students access to fully credentialed teachers, instructional materials that align with state standards, and safe facilities.

Priority 2 - Implement State Standards: Implementation of California’s academic standards, including the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and math, Next Generation Science Standards, English language development, history social science, visual and performing arts, health education and physical education standards.

Priority 3 - Parent Involvement: Parent involvement and participation, so the local community is engaged in the decision-making process and the educational programs of students.

Priority 4 - Student Achievement: Improving student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures, including test scores, English proficiency and college and career preparedness.

Priority 5 - Student Engagement: Supporting student engagement, including whether students attend school or are chronically absent.

Priority 6 - School Climate: Highlighting school climate and connectedness through a variety of factors, such as suspension and expulsion rates and other locally identified means.

Priority 7 - Course Access: Ensuring all students have access to classes that prepare them for college and careers, regardless of what school they attend or where they live.

Priority 8 - Other Student Outcomes: Measuring other important student outcomes related to required areas of study, including physical education and the arts.


2017-2018 SRVUSD LCAP Presentation 

SRVUSD LCAP "Single Plan for Student Achievement" Data Package


Posted by: Iris Tessler
Published: 12/6/17

Audience: For PTA Leaders, Parent & Community Concerns, Legislative Advocacy, Parent & Community Concerns, Homepage, Homepage, Legislative Advocacy and For PTA Leaders

The San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs encourages all PTA members to sign up with Ed100 as a way to learn more about how our California public education system works and to have a chance to win $1,000 for your school PTA. Be sure to add your school name when you create your account so that your PTA gets credit!


What is Ed100?

Ed100 has teamed up with California State PTA to provide a practical way for parent leaders, teachers and community members to learn about education issues, one lesson at a time. Ed100 is a free, self-paced online course that prepares you to make a difference in your school or school district. California's education system is complex and changing fast. Ed100 helps you learn what you need to know to be informed, credible and ready for action. Each lesson takes about 5 minutes, in English or in Spanish. Here’s a quick video to explain Ed100 a bit more: https://youtu.be/0Z2XwEbukYU


Which lessons should I start with?

Our PTA council has highlighted a few lessons which specifically address topics that have been widely discussed in our San Ramon Valley school communities:


Ed100 CHAPTER 8 - Lessons on Taxes and School Funding

How do I win the $1,000 for my PTA?

When you complete a lesson on Ed100 and answer the review question correctly, you earn a ticket for your PTA to be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize. The next drawing is on Thursday, December 7th, 2017. Please note: a rule of the $1,000 drawing is that you need to have at least two Ed100 participants from your school. When you sign up for Ed100, you can check the Leaderboard for a list of your school participants.



We invite you to sign up for Ed100 and start earning those tickets. By using Ed100, your school PTA could be the lucky winner and you'll know even more about our education systems!

Posted by: Iris Tessler, District Admin, San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs
Published: 11/6/17

Audience: Legislative Advocacy, Homepage, Homepage and Legislative Advocacy

September 29, 2017 presentation on Local Control Funding Formula by Rachel Hurd, SRVUSD Board Trustee: 

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) - a Conceptual Discussion



Posted by: Iris Tessler, District Admin, San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs
Published: 10/18/17