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Executive Board



 Marilyn Lucey

1st VP - Leadership

Karen Robman

2nd VP - Parent Education

Heidi Kenniston-Lee

3rd - VP Legislation Chair

Lisa Gross

4th VP - Membership

Dima Anqud

5th VP - Communications

Angie Corritone

Recording Secretary

Rajee Subramanian

Corresponding Secretary

Nicole Judson


 Shirley Lapp

Financial Secretary

Jenny Jensen

 Auditor Jessica Stemmler


Jill Newton


Lynn Ashley


Committee Chairs


Jean Maguire

Communications: Social Media

Iris Tessler

Communications: Webmaster & Newsletter

 Heidi Ellicott-Pesic

Communications: Constant Contact Manager

Rachel Hurd

Health & Wellness

 Malu Trehan



Inclusion & Diversity

 Vanessa Berastain

Parenting Conference

 Susanna Ordway

Recognition Breakfast

 Susan Ryu


 Ruchi Mehta

SARB Liaison

 Amy Rickard

Scholarships and Awards

 Kara Busselen 

Sister School

 Shalini Kumar

Special Needs

 Erica Griffin

SRVEF Liaison

Jan Virant

 Street Smarts Liaison-Danville  Sue Woodworth-Bennett

Street Smarts Liaison-San Ramon

 Gina Pacheu



Advisor & School Board Liaison

Rachel Hurd

Advisor & School Board Liaison

Denise Jennison

 Advisor  Sue Woodworth-Bennett


Mary Shelton

Executive Board Directory

Anqud, Dima 4th VP - Membership
Ashley, Lynn Council Parliamentarian
Berastain, Vanessa Council Inclusion and Diversity Chair
Busselen, Kara Scholarships and Awards Chair
Corritone, Angie 5th VP - Communications
Ellicott-Pesic, Heidi Council Communications: Webmaster/Newsletter
Griffin, Erica Council Special Needs Chair
Gross, Lisa (415) 271-1364 3rd VP - Leg. Advocacy
Hurd, Rachel School Board Liaison/Advisor/Communications Committee
Jennison, Denise School Board Liaison/Advisor
Jensen, Jenny Council Financial Secretary
Judson, Nicole Council Corresponding Secretary
Kenniston Lee, Heidi 2nd VP - Parent & Community Concerns
Kumar, Shalini Sister School Rep
Lapp, Shirley Council Treasurer
Lucey, Marilyn Council President
Maguire, Jean Council Convention Chair
Mehta, Ruchi Council Reflections Chair
Newton, Jill Council Historian
Ordway, Susanna Council Parenting Conference Chair
Pacheu, Gina Council Street Smarts Liaison - San Ramon
Rickard, Amy Council SARB Liaison
Robman, Karen 1st VP - Leadership
Ryu, Susan Council Recognition Breakfast Chair
Singh, Bhu Council Scholarships and Awards Chair
Stemmler, Jessica Council Auditor
Subramanian, Rajee Council Recording Secretary
Tessler, Iris Council Communications: Social Media
Trehan, Malu Council Health & Wellness Chair
Virant, Jan SRVEF Liaison to Council
Woodworth-Bennett, Sue Council Advisor and Street Smarts - San Ramon