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Register To Vote

State of California's online voter registration application:



For easy access to other information related to voter registration, see the Contra Costa County's Register to Vote page,


Frequently Asked Questions about New Voter Registration

If my birthday falls between the the registration deadline and day of the election day on, can I still register for this election?

Yes, complete the online registration form now, and you will receive a sample ballot in the mail.

To Vote by Mail request a Vote by Mail (Absentee) Ballot

Voting by mail is an excellent option for people who travel a lot or are just too busy to be sure they can get to the polls on Election Day.  You can request a Vote by Mail ballot for a specific election or for every election.  

To request a one-time Vote by Mail ballot you may:

  • Send an email to voter.services@vote.cccounty.us to request a one-time change.  Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, address, mailing address if it's different, and the date of the election  OR
  • Complete the Vote by Mail request form that is included in your sample ballot mailing

To get a Vote by Mail ballot for every election:

  • Complete the Online Registration Form and select "Yes" in the 'Vote by Mail' box OR
  • Request in writing to the Contra Costa Election Division to be designated as a Permanent Vote by Mail voter.  Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, address, mailing address if it's different, and signature.

A Vote by Mail ballot may be submitted by mailing days before the election, dropping it off at any Vote-n-Go location within the county on or before the election, or dropping it off at any polling place in the county on election day.