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Mentors for PTA Units

What is the SrVCPTA Mentoring Program?

  • Mentors provide a single point of contact for unit leaders to use for questions, concerns or comments.
  • Mentors are upbeat, positive advocates for all PTA volunteers who provide tools and direction to our PTA leaders.
  • With the unit PTA President and Board's approval, mentors would like to attend two unit association meetings (preferably once in the fall for introductions, and once at either the nomination instruction or election meeting).  
  • Mentors assist during the PTA nominating committee and elections process.
  • Mentors gather “best practices” from units to be shared with other units, via the website, newsletters or council meetings.
  • Mentors work together to look at questions or concerns that arise in multiple units.

PTA Mentor Assignments 2017-2018

Elementary Schools       

2017-2018 PTA Council Mentors                 

2017-2018 Unit President     
Alamo Marilyn Lucey Krista Ciapponi
Bella Vista Shirley Lapp & Amy Rickard & Marilyn Lucey     Madhu Gelani
Bollinger Canyon Nancy Phelps & Karen Robman Diana Davis
Country Club Rachel Ratcliff & Nicole Judson Vesta Mistry
Coyote Creek Rachel Ratcliff Shadee Dastmalchi
Creekside Vanessa Berastain Kim Lo Porto
Golden View Vanessa Berastain Betsy Horvart
Greenbrook Iris Tessler Nicole Andre
Green Valley Shayne Bretin & Nicole Judson Mary Peart
Hidden Hills Heidi Ellicott-Pesic Wendy Au
John Baldwin Lynn Ashley Cary Fong
Live Oak Dima Anqud Fatima Shiekh
Montair Lisa Gross Nicole Schwing
Montevideo Vanessa Berastain Wendy Panela
Neil Armstrong Lynn Ashley Ashley Reed
Quail Run Amy Rickard & Rachel Ratcliff Linda Lozano
Rancho Romero Shirley Lapp Carolyn Kaneda
Sycamore Valley Nicole Judson Lisa Gross
Tassajara Hills Nancy Phelps & Nicole Judson Jennifer Hagerty
Twin Creeks Katie Herberger Kristina Lorenzini
Vista Grande Amy Rickard & Shirley Lapp Becky MacDonald 
Walt Disney Vanessa Berastain  
Middle Schools 2017-2018 PTA Council Mentors 2017-2018 Unit President
Charlotte Wood Rachel Hurd Nicole Judson
Diablo Vista Dima Anqud Regina Yang
Gale Ranch Heidi Ellicott-Pesic Anshu Jain
Iron Horse Karen Robman Sarah Cullen
Los Cerros Leah Moss Jen Devlin
Pine Valley Amy Rickard Melanie Hansen
Stone Valley Iris Tessler Leah Moss
Windemere Ranch Lynn Ashley Deepti Gupta
High Schools 2017-2018 PTA Council Mentors 2017-2018 Unit President
California HS Rachel Hurd Karen Robman
Dougherty Valley HS Lynn Ashley Rajee Subramanian
Monte Vista HS Marilyn Lucey Janet Nunan
San Ramon Valley HS Sue Woodworth-Bennett Shelley Clark
Venture School Shirley Lapp & Amy Rickard Sayar Abassi